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Our Large but Silent Partner

One of the first people you can’t help but see as you enter our office is Sir John d’Abernoun, Knight. Sir John is a brass rubbing, made by Sean’s in-law’s when they lived just outside of London in the mid 70’s.

Sir John d'Abernon brass rubbing

To give you a little history on brass rubbings, you have to go back about 700 – 800 years, when it became popular across Europe to make engraved sepulchral memorials. These engravings were carved into sheets of brass and then set into pavement. What makes these carving interesting is the intricate detailing of armour and costumes that were popular during that period. Today, most of the surviving brass memorials are located in England.

A brass rubbing of a memorial is made by laying a long sheet of paper on top of it and rubbing over the paper with a special type of wax crayon. If you’ve ever rubbed a pencil over a piece of paper with a penny underneath, you have a basic idea of how a brass rubbing is made. The making of brass rubbings is now banned in most places because the rubbing causes the memorials to become worn away over time.

And who was Sir John? Well, the d’Abernons, were a knightly family who held lands in Surrey, England since 1086. His monument dates back to 1320, it’s 6’ 6” tall and provides one of the earliest examples of chain mail armour. There’s also a Knights Templar symbol on the handle of his sword. Sir Johns memorial is located in the Stoke d’Abernon, Surrey, England Saint Mary’s Church. Below is a picture of the original memorial.

The original brass Sir John

And while Sir John is silent, he’s not lonely, as there are two other brass rubbings in our boardroom to keep him company! Please feel free to stop by our office to meet Sir John or any other members of our talented Summit Legal Group team.


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