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If you're concerned about providing for your loved ones and protecting your assets in the event of death or incapacity, you need an Estate Plan. There are three standard documents you should prepare as part of your Estate Plan to help your loved ones manage your affairs.


Last Will:  Your Last Will describes how to distribute your estate after you die.


Personal Directive: Your Health Care Directive (also called Living Will or Health Care Directive or Advance Decision) is used to appoint someone to make health care and personal care decisions for you,  in the event you are no longer able to communicate or are incapable of giving consent.


Power of Attorney: Your Power of Attorney grants authority over your financial decision making to someone you trust should you become unable to communicate or incapable of giving consent. 

The team at Summit Legal Group can give you advice on all aspects of Estate Planning. We are pleased to offer flat rate fees for legal services. Contact our office for more details or to book a consultation.



"I had Sean prepare my parents' wills. It was the most wonderful experience I could have hoped for. Sean was extremely informative and explained everything so that my parents could understand. My father (90 years old) is very suspicious of doing any kind of business as he does not fully understand this type of transaction, but he was most comfortable with Sean. He was able to joke with Sean and have a few laughs, and was very relaxed. The office atmosphere is also very comfortable (no expensive suits and ties), casual attire which is also a very comforting feeling when you arrive. Meghan was an exception frontend person and made us feel at home the minute we were in the door. Thank you very much to Sean and Megan."


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